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Black rappers are some of the most progressive white supremacist on planet earth, they openly and aggressively promote ignorance, violence, degradation, exploitation, death, hedonism, materialism, and spiritual erosion to the black community. It never occurs to us or to the black rappers for that matter, that white men pay them millions of dollars to erode black souls, and to systematically destroy generations of younger black souls to come.


but, the beats go hard as fuck though. 

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It’s actually hot in da uk woop raise the roof

A boy has made me feel really shit, this is not good for my image :( :(


A doctor cries while standing next to a table with the bodies of four dead children in overflowing morgue of the Shifa hospital in Gaza City on July 20, 2014. (Oliver Weiken/EPA)


literally me

I want everyone to reblog this. I know no one will, because this isn’t a picture of a skinny girl or a deep meaningful quote. This is deeper than everything, how can someone ignore what’s happening in Gaza at the moment. This is one example of many innocent lives being threatened for no reason. This breaks my heart.